New Liverpool Players Recognize Not Reaching Peak Performance

New Liverpool Players Recognize Not Reaching Peak Performance

Alisson has established himself in the position of a goalkeeper in Liverpool, but he claims he still needs time before he feels comfortable with his own appearance.

The Brazilian thought that his move from Rome in a very expensive deal for a goalkeeper had raised high hopes for him.

Despite expressing his pleasure in playing for Liverpool, Alisson admitted that things would not always go smoothly once he moved.

“Every start must be passed slowly. In my case, very high expectations arise because of my transfer price. I have the most expensive price for a goalkeeper. The pressure is quite high and people always want me to be perfect. Of course, it’s difficult to achieve perfection. I worked hard for it, to be close to perfect. But it is still too early to say whether I am satisfied or not, “Alisson said.

“I work hard to improve myself every day. I do the right thing, I do wrong things and I believe that this is a way to grow in our profession. At this time, I am very happy with this step, “he added.

“By switching leagues, moving cities, my family is very happy, and I do my best to help Liverpool and Brazil to get better and better,” he said.

Shaqiri needs more proof

Meanwhile elsewhere, despite playing well enough for Liverpool, Xherdan Shaqiri was confident that he had not yet reached a top performance at Anfield.

“Of course I’m sure there are more goals to come. It will always be better if I have a better player near me, if I can play more offensively, if I know that I will definitely have more possession of the ball than the opponent, “Shaqiri said.

“But I also have to be prepared to train hard every day. I feel good, I’m fit, and I try to give my best every time I get the chance to play, “concluded the Swiss player.