Mesut Ozil Never Refuses Crazy Offer From Asia To Survive At Arsenal

Mesut Ozil Never Refuses Crazy Offer From Asia To Survive At Arsenal

Mesut Ozil was said to have refused an offer with a salary of 1 million pounds per week from a club in Asia and chose to stay at Arsenal.

The 30-year-old German player finally signed a contract extension in January, after entering the last six months of the previous contract. Ozil before that during months of difficult negotiations, where he was repeatedly linked with a move to Turkish club Fenerbahce.

Arsenal made Ozil the highest paid player in their history in a deal worth 350,000 pounds per week, but Standard Sport revealed that the player had received an offer worth 1 million pounds per week from Asia.

In an interview in England, Ozil’s agent, Dr. Erkut Sogut, outlined why Arsenal’s contract was so long to be approved, but he rejected the claim that money was his main stumbling block.

“We have some very large offers from Asia, there are some crazy offers. But, for Mesut, money is not the biggest factor. Money is definitely an important thing to consider, but one must remember that the ability to play soccer is only one aspect of contract negotiations. The commercial impact of soccer players is now very important, “he said.

“Mesut has the most social media followers of all players in the Premier League and I just read that the sales of his shirts are the biggest at the club. In the end, all this information must be considered. So, the commercial side is a very big factor with players like Mesut, who has played in various countries and has number 10 on the German team, where he won the World Cup. The market is all over the world. The club makes money from these players too, “he added.

Ozil earned around 140,000 pounds a week before signing a new contract, which tied him up until 2021. Last week he stated he was willing to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career.

“We are free to join other clubs and in the end, Mesut loves this club. I gave everything to him and he just said, ‘This is my home, I want to be here’, “concluded Sogut.